Conditioning the air in classrooms and schools must be efficient and effective. Air Mechanical offers solutions to meet your needs. Climatize classrooms and schools with heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems with air source and water source single package vertical air conditioners and heat pumps (SPVU), dedicated outside air system (DOAS), cooling towers, geothermal corner console units, geothermal systems and more. We’ve got the right solution for you.


Invisible Comfort

Invisible comfort makes Bard stand apart. Our I-TEC units blend into the classroom with magnetic dry erase board covers, and increase useable school square footage by eliminating the need for equipment rooms. Our exterior mounted units offer the same quality, dependability and quiet operation. And, Bard helps fit your design into your client’s time and budget constraints by eliminating costly piping, duct-work and fire dampers while significantly reducing installation time.


Comfortable by Design

You'll love Bard's Classroom Preferred Solution that allows you to easily design for the needs of each classroom, while eliminating costly and complicated central systems. There's no need for rooftop units or a boiler room. Bard's solution provides high efficiency, low sound levels, ventilation and humidity control. You can also choose a stand-alone, DDC-compatible commercial controls platform with the option of customized operation within pre-set parameters established by the maintenance director.

Administrators/ Superintendents

Bard Delivers The Ideal Learning Environment

To keep budgets in line you must demand high performance, affordable installation costs and low operating costs. Bard delivers all three, plus perfect classroom control for your teachers. Bard interior units blend seamlessly into the environment with quiet operation and optimum functionality with dry erase and magnetic board exteriors. Selecting Bard lowers your maintenance costs, up-front investment dollars and long-term costs, while adding incredible reliability in one of the quietest packages available.


Invisible Comfort

Bard designs our equipment with installation and maintenance in mind, with easily accessible components for service and control. Selecting Bard vertical package units rather than typical roof-mounted equipment eliminates risks associated with roof penetrations and significantly simplifies accessibility and maintenance. Our unique equipment is designed to control temperature, ventilation and humidity with smart options such as air-source air conditioners and heat pumps, water-source heat pumps and gas electric equipment.

Our Suppliers provide a Wide Range of solutions

Bard Manufacturing has been in the HVAC business for more than 100 years with decades of experience in school HVAC systems. They designed and engineered effective and efficient total climate control systems for the classroom with heating, cooling, dehumidification and ventilation with energy recovery – The Classroom Preferred™ HVAC Solution. Keep teachers happy, students comfortable and board members satisfied with indoor and outdoor climate control systems.

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Bard I-TEC Heat Pump

United CoolAir systems have been installed as solutions for difficult situations such as replacing old equipment installed with limited accessibility, where there is no space for outdoor equipment or when replacement rigging costs are unmanageable. United CoolAir All Indoor Solutions includes air-cooled, water-cooled, chilled water, DOAS packaged, split systems and VAV.

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Alpha Aire

GeoComfort delivers heating and cooling solutions for industrial, institutional and commercial settings with reliable, efficient and affordable geothermal equipment. GeoComfort geothermal has a complete line of commercial heat pumps that meets those needs including packaged units, split systems, console and rooftop systems.

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Geothermal Heat Pumps

Delta Cooling Towers has been manufacturing cooling towers for over 45 years. They are made from a corrosion proof engineered plastic that are low maintenance by design. They are the only large packaged cooling towers in the industry that have a “one-piece” shell to preserve the performance and integrity of the tower.

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Delta Cooling Towers